A leaflet delivered through the doors of houses in Santry, Dublin by Fine Gael TD Noel Rock which claim that the sold out Area 10 show with MK will now not be taking place in Morton Stadium on July 1 has sparked chaos in the Facebook group Tune Drop. Following this, many tickets holders took to the Facebook event in search of answers, but still to no avail. 

The leaflet claims the cancellation is down to the residents who made their voices known and objected to the event. Councillor Justin Sinnott is also thanked in the letter for “his efforts on this matter”. A “satisfactory outcome on this important matter” is stressed throughout the letter, check out the image below to read for yourself…

One thing that seems to be apparent now is that the show is not cancelled, but it is looking likely to change from its original location of Morton Stadium. We can confirm with the words of TD Noel Rock (image below) that the show will more than likely go ahead elsewhere but will not be taking place in Morton Stadium.

A local DJ who is set to play at the show also took to Facebook just moments ago to state that the gig will go ahead.

So, as of now, we know that the event isn’t looking likely to take place in Morton Stadium but with an event of this size and calibre we’re confident it will go ahead, in another location. Keep in the loop here.

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