Over 20 years into his career, Ian Pooley continues to be an innovator of house and techno music. Now in the middle of making his sixth studio album, it’s safe to say the man knows a thing or two about the studio.

Jordan Kinlan caught up with Ian Pooley recently to chat touring with Daft Punk, his love for the studio and his favourite piece of gear.

Q. How was your 2016? If you had to choose a stand out moment, what would it be?

A. One of the best moments was during my set at Panoramabar in September was when they opened the shutters to Love Committees – Just As Long As I Got You.

Q. You’re considered a veteran producer, but what was it that kick started your love for the studio?

A.  I was a big fan of the Detroit guys like Derrick May and Juan Atkins for example . I was dying to find out what machines they were using and I managed to find them, piece by piece, second hand . Then I started producing my first tracks in 1990 together with my friend DJ Tonka. The first one I got was a 909!

Q.  You’ve got 5 albums under your belt. Do you think that more artists should be putting out albums rather than EP’s, which seems to be a trend these days?

A. I think artists should do what they feel like, when they feel like. Some like making albums, some prefer making singles, some are good at both.

Q. You return to Dublin on the 10th of this month, what’s your opinion on the Irish crowd?

A. Lovely people. And they love to party hard!

Q. I know that you’ve toured with the likes of Daft Punk and Armand Van Helden in the late 90’s. At the time, did you ever realize that yourself and the others would become so successful?

A. For Daft Punk I definitely saw it coming . It doesn’t happen very often that you can witness true talented artists developing into something . I knew it from the beginning.

Q. The MPC 3000 is your signature hardware. What would be your favorite piece of gear other than the MPC?

A. I love my Memorymoog!

Q. Pooledmusic had already seen a lot of success and was very well established. Why did you set up the sister label Montage?

A. Montage is only about Techno and Pooledmusic is house exclusive . I got back into Techno again 4-5 years ago because the sound went back to more dirty , 90’s sounding techno after many years of minimal. For me the classic productions by Jeff Mills , Luke Slater , Regis etc. is the real Techno , the sound that I love .

Q. We are very proud of Irish talent. Bicep done a remix back for you back in 2016 which they were ‘honored’ about. How did that come about? Are you a fan of the guys?

A. I heard that they’re big fans of my earlier productions and when I was discussing Remixers for “Meridian” they immediately popped in my head.

Q. You’ve been around since the early 90s, have you ever noticed a big change in electronic music. The death and resurrection of vinyl etc?

A. Not that much , things disappear and then return a few years later . It’s funny how the young kids actually worship 90’s house/techno music and collect the original vinyl like crazy. Here in Berlin you have new record shops opening every month , it’s crazy !

Q. Will we see another Ian Pooley album soon?

A. Yes , working on it as we speak!

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