Instagram is launching a brand new stand alone video app for its users, with its content also available on the Instagram app. IGTV will mean that long form videos are made easier, making the 60 second current limit a thing of the past.


The app is available for iPhones and Android in the coming days – meaning you can watch longer cuts of your favourite DJs play live, at home, or just giving insight into their lives – or alternatively, you can complain more about people using their phones, whichever one you’re into.


The IGTV app wont involve advertisements and so far, it sounds like its going to be a big competitor with YouTube which uses programmes like YouTube Creator to support its community of long form video creators. YouTube is currently the main platform for the publishing of live videos or videos of DJs, producers or musicians sets, while Instagram gives way to a more personal and interactive approach to video use on social media.


IGTV will have an estimated 1 billion monthly active users, similar to Instagram itself. The app will allow its users to follow their favourite creators or users, with a machine learning to make predictions on what they would like to watch next, making it easier to connect with and follow all of our favourite DJs, producers and more while they take their music around the world.



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