When news came in August from District 8 that ‘two of the freshest names in electronic music’ were coming to the Francis Street venue for a three-hour B2B, the interest of the collective club consciousness of Dublin was piqued. With rescheduling, the show has moved to the Temple Bar venue Button Factory, due to host a plethora of international house names in the weeks to come.

A plethora of names were brandished around on social media before it was announced that the pair would be Big Miz and Elliot Adamson, two of the UK’s most promising and fast-rising house stars.

After Big Miz sold out The Button Factory with support from Ireland’s house mainstay KETTAMA it was only a matter of time until he was invited back. Similarly, Elliot Adamson’s set in the intimate confines of Wah Wah Club a few months warranted him a step up for his next gig in the capital.

As well as a relentless tour schedule and a much-loved Boiler Room appearance, Glasgow’s Big Miz has released on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Elliot Adamson on the other hand, has had co-signs from artists as prolific as Eats Everything and Skream on top of an equally hectic few years on the road.

As they will go B2B this month, we thought it a good idea for the guys to interview each other.


Miz: What was your first experience of being in a nightclub?

Elliot: Bloody hell, makes me feel old because I can barely remember it now, but I think my first time in a nightclub was when I went to see Boddika and Joy Orbison in Newcastle at a club called World Headquarters with the local shopkeeper. I was about 16, 17.

Miz: It wasn’t the first, but one of the more significant ones was Theo Parrish in La Cheetah in Glasgow for me. It must have been about four years ago now, was the wildest night I’ve ever been to and I’ve never seen anyone DJ with such passion – the guy is a do.

Elliot: Favourite gig you’ve played recently?

Miz: I had an absolute belter when I was in Beijing a couple of months back at Dada. Great little club and the Chinese crowd are ready to party!

Elliot: That’s sick! I haven’t been over there yet but keep hearing wicked things. My favourite gig recently was probably my favourite one in a while actually; I played all night long in my hometown Newcastle and it went really well. I was proper nervous before in case no one turned up or I forgot how to DJ but luckily it went really well. The next show there is a corker too!

Miz: What’s your favourite track at the moment?

Elliot: Can I go for two? My most played at the moment is probably ‘MZ’ by Sascha Funke on Turbo, it does things to me and I absolutely rinse it. Then my mate Ste Roberts has been putting out some really really nice stuff on his own imprint STE which is probably my favourite new music. He sent me a bunch the other day and had to upgrade the hotel WiFi to download them. No regrets.

Miz: I’m gonna go with Hubie Davison’s ‘Embers’. What’ve you got coming up in the near future?

Elliot: I’m launching my first proper label in September! Super excited about that, it’s actually my fifth label really. I keep designing them, putting release schedules together, getting masters and artwork made, logos, the works, and never actually pressing the button on them. So, this is my first actual official one. It’s called IDEA, and I’m really happy with it.

Miz: After a relatively quiet summer I have shows pretty much every weekend. Got lots in the UK including Lost Village and Warehouse Project which I’m looking forward to. I also have a few overseas shows in places like Budapest and Romania which I’m excited for. Music-wise I have another record coming out on DABJ and hopefully another on a new label about to be launched by the legend that is Eclair Fifi. Got a few remixes that I have finished that I’m excited to get out too.

Elliot: What’s the maddest time you’ve had in Ireland?

Miz: Last time I played at Shine I went back to an afters with Kristian Woods under some sketchy shutters. I was there into the morning. Kristian left his MacBook out on the street and ended up getting the police phoned to the hotel, etc. Not the best behaved I have been.

Elliot: [Laughs] Good rule of thumb is that the maddest time in Ireland is usually your last! Last time I was over on the first night of a tour I fell off a bed trying to put a sock over a smoke detector and kind of launched myself across the room and elbowed the floor. We didn’t even have any cigarettes. Huge shout out to Charlie and Amy from Bedlam for getting my arm in a sling and waiting about 30 hours at A&E with me – legends! Wouldn’t be shocked if next time takes the cake though!

Big Miz & Elliot Adamson play at the Button Factory this Saturday. Find out more here.

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