Marcus O’ Laoire is no stranger to Dublin’s clubs, or Irelands festivals. Most people will remember him from playing Mondays at Hangar, but recently, apart from other residencies, he mainly plays at Opium Club, the newly re-opened space that’s hosted names like Paul Woolford, Maya Jane Coles and more in the last few weeks. 

He’s got an all night set quickly approaching at District 8 this weekend. Saturday October 27th at District 8 will entail of Marcus and Marcus only. So, we thought we’d catch up with him to ask about his residencies, memories of playing around Dublin, and more.


You’ve probably held the most residencies in Dublin.. Opium, Tramline, The Academy, Hangar etc.. now that you’re playing at District 8, and Hangar is closed, what do you see happening to large capacity events in Dublin when District 8 finally does go?

It’s hard to say really. Part of me think’s that as long as the demand and ticket sales are there then a solution will emerge, be it through one off events in theatre venues, pop up event spaces or outdoor spaces like meeting house square. But, to be honest, almost every club that I went to in my early 20’s has disappeared or changed in some way. Twisted Pepper, Tripod, Spy, Wax, The Village, ALT/Hangar and more. Dublin is an ever changing city and I’d be very surprised if something didn’t emerge. There are amazing venues like Tramline, Opium and 39/40 that will take on the gigs that the others can no longer house. The party won’t stop.

With residencies you’ve obviously gotten really used to long sets, so your open to close set seems more common these days than a short set from you, especially at Opium. Do you like playing open to close, and how do you approach it?

If I had to choose between short sets and long marathon sets, I’d jump on the latter any day of the week. I learnt to DJ years ago and was playing 5,6 and 7 hour multi-genre sets in clubs a few times a week, so whenever I play a short set, it all just feels a little rushed! My approach is simple, look up at the crowd and read them to the best of my ability and play to that. I’ve had nights where I stay below 124bpm for the whole night and nights where i’ve started 128+bpm, no warm up style. Play to whoever is in front of you.

Your name is often dotted on the support line up for international acts that come to play here, who has been your favourite person to support or who has played your favourite set?

I think 2manyDJ’s take the biscuit on that one. I’ve seen Soulwax a billion times and grew up listening to their mixes and the as heard on radio Soulwax compilations. My jaw was on the floor watching them from start to finish.

Do you prefer playing festivals or clubs, and why?

Both are very cool for different reasons, but give me a couple of hundred people in a dark sweaty room any day of the week. Festivals are quite transient and people drift between one thing and another, whereas nobody ends up in a sweaty basement at 2:30am by happenstance. It’s a totally different atmosphere!

You brought Hijinks to Barcelona as a party for Primavera, how was it, and how did you find playing abroad?

That was actually the birth of Hijinks, and gave me the idea to kick it off here. I wanted to throw a Primavera sound pre-party, and called it Hijinks after the club got a call from the festival saying we couldn’t call it Primav-Eire. It was a cool party, and I’m definitely looking at throwing a few Hijinks parties abroad in the next year!

Your mixes can have anything from Drake to The Prodigy and so on, how do you decide what to play on a night?

I don’t really. I have about 5500 songs on my USB’s and I just kind of… play. If I think a bit of hip-hop will work in the middle of a techno set, then why not? Music is fluid and good music is good music.

You’re an entertainer as well as a DJ, with comedy gigs and tv cooking appearances all the time too. Performing isn’t something new to you. What would you say to anyone struggling with confidence to get out there and showcase themselves in front of people?

Honestly, this is one of those situations where you kind of just have to get out of your comfort zone. The faster you can drop the idea that people really care, or that you’re gonna make a tit of yourself, the better. Embrace the feeling and it starts being really fun.


5 song that won’t leave your USB anytime soon?

Vamp – Outlander


ANNA – When I Am Only A Dream


Quinton Campbell – Luvless


Johnny Vicious FT Lula – Extacy (DJ Wout remix)


Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Mic Mills lost muscle mix)


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