It’s most evident that Ireland has been churning out some incredible artists the past while now ranging from house, techno, disco all with a very distinct sound. Laughing Man a Dublin based artist is fitting into that category with ease. With a sound that can be related back to ‘Janeret, Mandar & Sweely’ there’s not many people in the country catching that sound and making it work well.

For his next release, he takes an atmospheric/deep two track EP to STANDALONE. For the lead in track ‘Onyx’ Laughing Man arranges some minimal drums tied in with bouncing bassline. As the track progresses, a pad automates back and forth guiding the track along.

The second track of the EP is a remix from ‘Noah Skelton’. With the remix taking a turn on things with a more faster vibe, the swinging hats and snares set the pace. Keeping the core minimal feel, Noah keeps similar attributes to the original with the dominant pad pushing straight through the middle of the cut.

It’s an incredibly impressive EP from both Laughing Man & Noah Skelton.

Show some love for the Irish and grab your copies here

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