Ben Klock’s renowned label Klockworks has taken the world by storm in recent years with every release being a massive stepping stone for the artist who has compiled it. Producers such as DVS1, ROD, Etapp Kyle and of course the late Trevino AKA Marcus Intalex have all made substantial contributions to the label with numerous releases each.

To celebrate their 20th release Klockworks have brought together a group of familiar artists to the label including DVS1, Heiko Laux and Jay Clarke as well as a few new faces such as Dax J, Ritzi Lee and John Hestor.

The album will be sold as a vinyl bundle spread out over three records, containing twenty tracks from twenty different artists. You can order the bundle or each record separately here.


01. Etapp Kyle “Essay”
02. Jon Hester “Let’s Go”
03. Adam Craft “Aphite 49”
04. Sterac “Lately”
05. Ben Klock “Twenty”
06. DVS1 “In The Middle”
07. Trevino “Sombre Tones”
08. Newa “Dance Of The Warrior”
09. Dax J “Late Night Mistress”
10. ROD “Extra”
11. Sterac “Scientific Methods”
12. Troy “Flux”
13. Heiko Laux “Dark Fader”
14. Jay Clarke “Perdita”
15. Ritzi Lee -“Substract”
16. Reus “Acid Modo”
17. High Position “Cops”
18. Yoikol “Dense”
19. Adam Craft “Pacelane”
20. Vincent “How I Feel”


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