We hate to shine light on the side of this mix where it shouldn’t be but it has to be noted. After Lady Starlight took us on a journey through 10 minutes of live modular techno we started to notice some extremely unnecessary sexist comments on the video.

For those who aren’t too familiar with Lady Starlight, she is an innovative as it gets with her techno, for instance in this video you can hear her explain how she uses her drum machine as a sampler. Lady Starlight is also known for her live sets with Surgeon, check them out live at Mysteryland here. She is also known for collaborating with Perc Trax affiliate, Truss for a ‘hybrid decks and hardware show’.

Unfortunately some clowns took the comments to leave their bitter, sexist remarks. It’s mad to see that in this day and age sexism in music is still so strong but at the same time we’re not that surprised .

One comment came from Conforce who said “10,000 euro’s of gear to make such crap. Stick with the nail art for Christ’s sake”.

Check out her Against The Clock below and show some love for Lady Starlight.

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