We hear none stop stories about how good the no phone, no camera policy is in Berghain, and to be honest the stories are not wrong. The atmosphere and vibe is on another level to the current state of the Irish clubbing landscape.

Many Irish clubbers may well have never experienced what going to a nightclub to see a DJ, live act or band feels like without the rather static dance floor and relentlessly blinding light of their mates shaky Samsung S6 rattling around your head.

Well tonight in Index there’s an event happening that’s asking you to do just that, leave your phones, cameras and Snapchat filters alone, at least for a few hours…

Check out this event in Index tonight with Lane 8.

His ‘This Never Happened’ concept became one of dance music’s word-of-mouth success stories, and now, Lane 8 aka Daniel Goldstein has provided us with his hugely successful second artist album, Little By Little, on his own This Never Happened label.

Following on from the Little By Little tour earlier in 2018, Lane 8 is back on the road with a number of additional dates.

As always with This Never Happened shows, Lane 8 asks you to leave your phones and cameras alone – and focus on connecting with the music and each other.

Experience The Moment. Don’t Record It. This Never Happen

Looking for something to do this evening? Click here for the event page.

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