A rising talent with a huge career ahead of him and touted as a future star in the scene, Jordan Kinlan caught up with Latmun before of his show in Dublin this Saturday

Q: You’re one of the most exciting producers to hit the scene this year, can you explain how you made your breakthrough?

A: Ah thank you very much, it’s surreal to hear that! It was a combination of several things I would say… the first being waiting and not sending out any music to anyone until I was 100 per cent happy with it, as I think that first time a label or DJ listens to your music is really important because if they don’t like it first time, they are less likely to listen again. I was a resident at Stealth in Nottingham for four years prior to this year, while playing there I was also networking with all the headliners to build a network of people that I hoped may like my music when I felt the time was right, that was obviously a lot of fun as well haha.. and Stealth is great place to play!

The actual break of my first notable signing was to VIVa music at the end of summer in 2015, this was actually via a competition Detlef was running on his Facebook page. I sent the track in hoping for the best and could hardly contain my excitement when I got the reply saying it would be featured on that year’s compilation for one of my favorite labels.

Q: It must have been a huge honor to be asked to remix a Green Velvet track, how did that come about?

A: It was literally out of the blue, the best surprise ever! I got a message from the Cajual / Relief label manager while in the middle of a session at the gym, that session at the gym was over from that moment as I was too excited to do anything else, haha.

Q: You’ve got an upcoming Dublin show, are you looking forward to it?

A: Every Irish person I have met so far has been so much fun and that has never been in Ireland, so I cannot wait to come and see how you guys ‘av it over there! I’ve also heard great things about Hangar too, so double excited.

Q: You have recently joined the mighty NGE Booking alongside the likes of Patrick Topping, Jamie Jones & Detlef. That must have been a huge moment for your career?

A:  I’ve always looked at the NGE roster in amazement and just thought, maybe one day! So when that day did come it was a very surreal moment, they are great guys and I feel really lucky to be in such good company with artists and friends. It was one of the biggest steps forwards in my career so far for sure.

Q: ‘Def’ was a massive track this year being played in a lot of top clubs, would you call that your ‘best’ track yet?

A: I was happy with Def as a production but I wasn’t sure when I initially released it how it would do, you can never tell! I think one of the productions I’ve done that I’m happiest with is ‘Sunrise On The Terrace’, as it’s the most interesting vibe I feel I’ve created in a track to this day. It hopefully really feels like the track name.

Q: How do you first approach producing a track?

A: Like most people I start with the drums almost always, then build the bassline and other elements around that to make the drop and then work backwards. This isn’t set in stone though, I have days where I simply cannot make any drums that don’t sound like my first ever go at making music again, haha. On those days I will approach the track from a different point such as a melody or vocal, as this helps me to get past any writer’s block.

Q: Were you musical as a kid?

A: I wasn’t particularly musical, but in a moment of madness when I was in year six I think (about 11/12 years old) I decided I wanted to play the flute, haha. I played it for a few years and got to grade two then knocked it on the head as I decided it wasn’t ‘cool’! I wish I had taken up the piano instead though and carried it on.

Q: Did you ever think you’d be able to make a career in music before things picked up?

A:  I had no idea, I knew the possibility was there having the residency at Stealth and meeting all headliners regularly to create a network. I think that also motivated me to work harder as I saw what I could potentially have! I think its a combination of 12 hour days in the studio for years, networking and also with all of these things, lucky opportunities presenting themselves at the right time.

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