Regarded as one of the most influential record labels of all time, Dancemania have shared some of the most memorable tunes and track titles of all time.

Jesse Saunders created Dancemania Records back in 1985, and still to this day the label’s tracks can be heard on dancefloors all around the world.

The label’s responsible for showcasing Chicago’s take on house music and giving birth to one of the most fun genres we’ve had the pleasure of listening to, Booty Bass.

Here are 5 of our favourite Dancemania releases of all time.


DJ Funk – Booty Clap

Perceived as a teacher of the Ghetto House movement, DJ Funk has given us some of the genre’s most recognisable tracks.

Simplicity is key in this track. From its claps to the heavy bass line, and we can’t forget DJ Funk himself laying down the vocal throughout the tracks entirety.

Booty Clap was the standout track on a bass-driven EP which also featured Ghetto House veteran DJ Vialgo.

DJ Deeon – House-O-Matic

Our favourite DJ Deeon track of all time. It has since seen a reissue under Jackmasters ‘Numbers’ label which has rejuvenated the career of a Booty Bass legend, DJ Deeon.

The Chicago born DJ/Producer has returned to playing in Europe’s biggest clubs and is responsible for a very special Boiler Room in Paris.

‘House-O-Matic’ has been played by the likes of Jackmaster, Ben Klock and Nina Kraviz 23 years after its original releases on Dancemania.

Paul Johnson – Feel My M.F. Bass

“Feel my motherfucking bass in your face, feel my motherfucking bass in your face” – as said above, the simplicity is key when it comes to Booty Bass and Chicago house

Released back in 1994 on the album ‘A Night Life Thang’, Paul Johnson left his mark on dance music not only in Chicago, but around the globe.

Now seen as a legend of house music, a Paul Johnson is regarded as an instant hit on the dancefloor.

DJ Skip – Freaky

A Classic Ghetto House record. The perfect example of what the genre stood for, the use of a minimal 808 and 909 drum machine to curate the bassline,the sexually explicit lyrics and the use of little to absolutely no effects.

DJ Skip on the release of  TRAXX MY STYLEZ Volume 1 – “Thanks Y’all – GOD, My grandparents, Paul Johnson, Jerry Jackson, Big Joe, “GANTMAN”, Donrell Ware, Bernard Ware, Dexter, Slick boys, Ray Rorney, Devin Glass, Anthony Shields, The Elston 5, 606, J.D., Atom E. & FANS!

 Traxmen & Eric Martin – Hit It From The Back

We’d reckon this track is going for a bit more then $3.99 these days.

A perfect track to get Footworkin to which you can read about here.

The synth pattern is almost identical to 2000 and One’s – Spanish Fly’s opening sequence, check for yourselfhere.

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