Bas Mooy’s Mord Records returns with the second edition of MORDBOX with a whopping 32 tracks.

Herdersmat part 9-15 features some MORD regulars like Bas himself, Perc, UVB, Sleeparchive whilst also features some new artists like our own Tinfoil and french live techno artist Vlaysin. Mord are keeping up with their consistent, solid techno releases and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Bas started the MORD label project back in 2013 and coming into it’s fifth birthday we’re excited to see what anniversary releases they’ll have for us.

Check out the previews on the Mord Records SoundCloud below.


A1 Perc – To The Bone
A2 Birth Of Frequency – Breaking
A3 Damcase – Aleko
B1 Bas Mooy – Ravage
B2 Exium – Gravitational

C1 Oliver Rosemann – Breed
C2 Scalameriya & VSK – Silver
D1 Flug – Space Buildings
D2 Lag – Roler

E1 Haeken – Uncertain Outcome
E2 Museum – Mars
F1 Pfirter – X
F2 Wrong Assessment – The True Measure

G1 Kangding Ray – Optimum Perkin Flames
G2 Pinion – Projectile
H1 Progression (UK) – Brontide
H2 Jokasti & Nek – t01r

I1 Keepsakes – Syd
I2 Paul Birken – Raggedy Slander
J1 J. Tijn – Belly
J2 Tinfoil – Blob Trough
J3 A001 – Angino

K1 Sleeparchive – The Sick Man
K2 Kwartz – Awake
L1 UVB – Deal with it
L2 Anastasia Kristensen – Going back in time

M1 Klankman – Achtervolgingswaanzin
M2 Vlaysin – One Revolution
N1 138 – Cutting Teeth and Breaking Bread
N2 Kamikaze Space Programme – Magadan

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