Earlier this year one of Ireland’s finest exports, Feel My Bicep announced that they would be releasing a self titled album ‘Bicep‘ on London based label Ninja Tune, and have been releasing the album track by track over the last couple of months with track titles Aura and Glue so far.

Currently in the middle of their Live Album Tour which includes two huge Irish dates coming up, one at Electric Picnic and another massive show in their home-city Belfast on September 30th alongside Hammer and Ross From Friends.  They’ve now released the third track of the album – Vale.

Speaking to Fader Magazine the duo explain “‘Vale‘ is one of the many little hybrid experiments of ours which came about whilst writing the album,” . “We drew influence from a broad range of sources like R&B, new age, jungle, and electro. Having historically used vocal samples, working with a few vocalists on the album brought new challenges to the recording process which added to the learning curve of the process as a whole.”

You can have a listen below.

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