Australian-owned, English-based imprint Steel City Dance Discs have returned this morning with the release of a brand new track forthcoming from Jun Kamoda’s EP on the label. This will be the fifth release on the label, following up ghettohousedrummachine’s appearance and their full Rinse FM takeover.

The upbeat and tangible house track ‘Flaming Flamingo’ carries with it the typical uniqueness of a SCDD track, using multiple samples and padding them with vibrant house drums and melodies.

The label has gone from strength to strength since its inception at the hands of house mogul Mall Grab, with releases from him, X-Coast, Deejay Astral and more doing the rounds via the Aussie’s consistent podcast and guest mix appearances.

Listen to the brand new track from the Japanese producer below and let us know what you think in our Facebook group. 

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