Carlton Doom releases four new tracks on his Soundcloud with one free download available. 

The Belfast man released four single tracks on his Soundcloud just yesterday, touching on various styles of house with elements of garage and electro found throughout. Carlton Doom is making a good habit of randomly releasing killer tracks on his Soundcloud and we’re hoping he doesn’t stop anytime soon. Check out his releases below.

Carlton Doom – F.G.1.

A classically brilliant house track with a hypnotic melody that keeps on giving throughout the track allowing it to stay fresh for the songs entirety.

Carlton Doom – F.G.2.

An obscure rolling melody takes centre stage for this track making for a pumping house track serving as a fitting follow up to F.G.1. 

Carlton Doom – I Am The Creator

Eerie recurring vocals announcing the track title feature on top of a fluctuating metallic bass, adding to the eerie feel and making it a scary 4AM track.

Carlton Doom – Bone Dance

Low frequecncy bass starts the track opening into a breakdown of a bright string melody that quickly changes into a darkened drop making a peak time basement filler.

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