Two new clips from Chicago House artist Adonis have surfaced on German website, and good news for anyone who’s diggin’ them as the two previously unreleased tracks have received a release date!

The tracks are set to be released on Mathematics Recordings (based in Chicago, IL) in July of this year and you can stream the clips here.

Darryl Pandy (Chicago) features on both tracks as lead vocalist.

Adonis is arguably best known for the Acid House anthem ‘No Way Back’, and the influential Mathematics Recordings have released music by John Heckle, Hieroglyphic Being, Roche, and I.B.M.

The two track EP titled ‘After Midnight‘ will be track-listed as follows:

  1. After Midnight
  2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out.

No way back was released on Trax in 1986, and FYI, it sounds as fresh today as it did back then.

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