The Swedish sensation, DJ Seinfeld releases new music on his own ‘Young Ethics’ label.

The launch of DJ Seinfeld’s Young Ethics label this year has seen some of the biggest tracks from the artist to date with tracks like ‘Electrican’, ‘Lilium’, ‘Galazy’ and many more. This ‘Parallax’ EP makes it DJ Seinfeld’s third release on his own Young Ethics imprint this year, adding to an already astounding history of releases.

Coming just after this BBC Essential Mix where he closed with his ‘Please Slow Down’ track, he continues his consistent momentum with defining steps in his career.

‘Please Slow Down’ murmurs influences of Burial’s iconic broken drum sound, refreshed and paired with Seinfeld’s distinct airy pads and drone bass lines that unfolds into bright arps that give a whole feeling of euphoria. Distorted vocals, open pads, uplifting melodies and his famous M1 sounds feature on the remaining three tracks making for one of DJ Seinfeld’s most impressive pieces of work.

Get a copy of the ‘Parallax’ EP on digital or vinyl right here.

1. Please Slow Down
2. Xoul
3. Parallax
4. Right, what time do u wanna meet?

Listen to ‘Please Slow Down’ and the reminding tracks on the Young Ethics YouTube:

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