Lobster Theremin – the UK label headed by Jimmy Asquith – have today announced the re-issue of one of 2019’s standout electronica releases.

London based experimental-electronic composer Elsa Hewitt has been making a name for herself with a selection of pretty, charming and emotionally captivating self-released records, one of which caught the eye of the Lobster label head who immediately reached out for a re-issue.

Speaking about the album to A Lonely Ghost Burning in early 2019, Elsa said “I think the album is inspired a lot by synchronicity and faith – I’m not sure for what reason though. I guess it’s partly faith in the universe, and also in yourself – to be able to overcome things.”

The press release describes the album as being “the symbolic sound of contemporary thought; hopeful, anxious, sad, happy, optimistic, hopeless. It’s a stunning and unique blend of moods, textures and thoughts that make for one of the prettiest and most captivating records of last year.”

A release date of Friday 13th November has been scheduled. Listen to the full album below.

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