Russian label, and brainchild of Nina Kravis, трип announced this afternoon that they will release an LP by Icelandic producer Biogen.

трип (pronounced Trip) was launched in 2014 with a double-EP (The Deviant Octopus) that featured a pair of productions from Nina as well as material from Terrence Dixon, and the (then) emerging talent Bjarki, Nikita Zabelin, PTU & Roma Zuckerman. It also showcased veteran producers Barcode Population, Steve Stoll and Exos.

трип have made 2 of the 13 track release available to stream via their Soundcloud page. The tracks Borealis and 303 Ambient are sides A2 and D2 of the LP respectively and 303 ambient is linked below to stream.


D2 – 303 Ambient

You’ll have to click through here to stream Borealis!


The record has been given a June 23rd release date and will be followed by the release of Biogen’s less club-focused music by GALAXIID later this year.

Full Track-listing has been posted below:

A1. Irrelevant Information
A2. Lag 38
A3. Borealis
A4. Autofloat
B1. Lag 7
B2. Lag 24
B3. 160 Techno
B4. Lag 9
C1. Bliss
C2. Lag 8
D1. Forever Is Never Again
D2. 303 Ambient
D3. Halogen Continues

cover image via. FabricLondon



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