There are tonnes of websites out there to research the safety of drugs. A popular website that looks at ecstasy purity is ‘Pill Reports’. Pill Reports is an online data base where you can upload or check certain ecstasy pill markings. You also can check reports from the area you are in. For instance, if you click the Ireland forum, it will give you a selection of recently entered ecstasy pills.

This forum is not an accurate representation to how pills will react with your system but it can give you a second voice on the quality of pill in question. We can’t stress enough how simple and cheap it is to buy drug testing kits.

We’ve also blacked out certain details about these pills because we are not glorifying the use of ecstasy we are simply trying to make the dance community a safer place.

Here we can see a recently entered submission of a pill. By the results submitted by this user it gives us a rough estimation whether this pill has been flagged as having adverse effects on those who used them and commented on the forum. The main piece to run off is that there is no warning, but this does not mean the pill is safe to take.

Here we see another submission of a pill but this time with a shade of red in the background. Here we can see that this pill has been given a warning so this means you definitely shouldn’t go near these pills.

Just to reiterate we’re not here to say you need to do drugs we’re just trying to make sure they’re done safely if you choose to consume them.

Click here for more information on safe drug and alcohol use in Ireland.

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