A new “particularly strong” batch of ecstasy has been going around the isle of Jersey with an ‘Ikea’ print on them. The Jersey State Police are warning people to stay away from these blue and yellow tablets as some “regular drug users” had to seek medical care after taking them.

“Anyone who feels unwell after taking these tablets should seek urgent medical attention,” said a police statement.


This also comes with news about a ‘tainted batch’ of ‘gold bar’ pills. Reports in the UK came after a 16-year-old who tragically lost his life due to a suspected drug related death. Some entries on Pill Reports have recently noted that they have made their way over to Ireland with a estimated amount of 160-180mg of MDMA. These entries have also noted to “avoid this pill in general”.

Please stay safe if you are to take any form of drugs and if you or a friend has taken one of these ‘Ikea’ or ‘gold bar’ pills, don’t be afraid to contact emergency services.

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