One person is fighting for their  life, and five others have been taken critically ill over the weekend celebrations at Park Life Festival, Manchester. 

It has been reported by The Loop, that the pills stamped with the ‘Skype’ logo, are thought to be three times stronger than ordinary batches. These pink embossed pills are said to contain a strength of 250 to 300mg of MDMA, which is being reported as three times the usual amount found in ecstasy tablets.

While we know this report is coming from Manchester, but if there is a strong batch in Manchester, you can be sure that they have made their way to Ireland.

If you are experimenting with drugs, be vigilant and always be aware of what you’re taking, or what your friends decide to take. Remember, the safest and best thing to do is completely avoid taking drugs, but if you do so, always start with a quarter.

Remember, the best way to stay safe is to completely avoid taking all substances. 



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