It has been a great year for Mark Laird, a Donegal producer that’s taking YouTube tastemaker channels like Housem and more by storm. With the support of plays from house acts like Mall Grab, Cinthie and more behind him, he’s proving to be an unstoppable force.

From a young age, Mark Laird has been playing clubs and shows around Ireland in venues like Sandinos and The Factory with a residency in Voodoo Venue.

You can’t have been on YouTube in the last 10 months and not heard the Donegal producer’s ‘Funk That’ or ‘Crazy Things’ tracks on the channel Houseum, which has now racked up well over 1,000,000 plays which is a huge landmark for the young producer and his highly sought-after EP ‘Funk That’ was finally released on Hopera Records in August.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to bring you this local selection mix from the Donegal producer himself. You can listen to it via our SoundCloud below: 


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