Local Selection is a series where we get Ireland’s top resident DJ’s to provide a mix exclusively for us.

This week we have Lamallae (Emaleigh) providing us with an hour and twenty minutes of deep melodic techno. After a successful summer with festival gigs like at Life Festival and Boxed Off Emaleigh is looking to have a successful 2017.

Q: How did you first get into DJ’ing?

A: I had always felt the need to share music with people, whether it was to someone individually or at a party. I was seeing someone who was successfully running events, he saw my passion for music and suggested the idea of DJing to me. I decided to go for it and bought myself a little secondhand s2 controller down the country somewhere and thought myself to use traktor. I had two weeks till my first gig, supporting Hannah wants in the basement of the twisted pepper thanks to Bedlam events. I hoped off the controller buzz and it all took off from there!

Q: Have you ever thought about producing?

A: It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I used to compose music on the piano and flute when I was younger. But I haven’t taken the plunge yet, because when I do I know that is all I will put my energy into… I’m not ready yet, not that I’m not ready, I’m just focusing on finding myself and what I want to do at the moment.

Q: Have you any upcoming projects or gigs you want to mention?

A: YES! And I am so excited. The first chapter of no vacancy will launch on December 1st; Let there be light! Two friends and I created this project. It is all about closing your eyes and letting go, for both the DJ and dancer! There are no musical boundaries, we ask the artist to evoke emotive feelings for the crowd. And that’s it.

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