Local Selection is a series where we get Ireland’s top resident DJ’s to provide a mix exclusively for us. Up next we have techno DJ/Producer Scenedrone.

Q: How did you first come about starting Variance?


Variance was an idea between me and my good friend Stephen O”Neill, we were sick of the dull thud techno that had become so prevalent and we felt given his newer connections, combined with my older ones with an agenda to bring new ideas and sounds to the table would more then likely render decent results, and luckily it did. Our first release was 1.125.X1, Myler, Mael and Scenedrone (who is me haha) and it got a decent response i think all involved were excited for the future of the label. Then we had had a pretty big project with Myler, the 002 was 2 originals by him and featuring one of the first digital releases by Ansome. Through that Stephen we brought in Ansome, Johan Platt and Interferon, he was very influential in year one and two, but i have to say the EP that people really started to take notice was the Androgheda Remixed EP by Myler, it featured our first tracks from Paul Birken & Keepsakes, people love Paul and when the EP was looked at as a whole, also featuring remixes from Mael & 1.125.X1 respectively, it was a big release, and we were doing it on digital, so people were surprised also.

Q: How does it feel helping to break through acts like Ansome, Keepsakes and Vlaysin?

Its great, reminds me I’m doing a good job. When we first had Ansome on he had 5000 likes on his page, Keepsakes had less then 1500, watching them grow has been fantastic to be honest, to know that Keepsakes had arguably his biggest EP of 2015 on Variance is pretty cool. Another name I feel we helped and want to mention is Interferon, he is a really great guy, artistically. Vlaysin was on the up when he came on board and of course he already had lots of experience with his previous pseudonym, it was an honour to help him break through with the remix on the Swarm Intelligence EP and of course wth his EP GhettoRoutine, I reckon the addition of Scalameriyas remix was good for the EP and Vlaysins popularity, it opened him to a new market, and same with Variance, was a delight to get a remix from him.

Q: How do you pick out good from bad tracks for the label?

Well, we have a no demo policy, but of course the artists that are on the label may send more then required or I may not like one, I like artists to be as creative as they want really, so if I commission a remix, unless its total shit (which has not happened once), I will release it, but when it comes to selecting tracks its just yes or no, I can’t explain it really, I go with my gut, and its worked so far I think.

Q: Any upcoming projects for 2017 you’d like to mention?

Too many to mention, we will have some familiar faces back, also some new guys, we aren’t afraid to try different things, even if its not the most popular decision, over time I think things do work. I want to just plug what is already out, you can check out our band camp at variancelabel.bandcamp.com to keep up to date, we tend to do pre-releases there, and I think there might be an exclusive release on there in 2017, hint hint. Also we will be doing some merch, and planning a different format release but that is all I am going to say now.

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