Next up on our Local Selection Mix series is none other then Gary Kavanagh. A Dublin based DJ and co.founder of the unique club-night Oktopus.

His passion for Techno thrives through this mix which dives deep into his knowledge of music.

Q. How’s 2017 looking for in terms of gigs?

A. We’ve been really busy sorting out gigs and festivals for this year and we have quite an exciting year ahead of us. We’re working on locking in gigs for some more unusual and intimate venues to change things up a little. We have lots of surprises to come!

Q.Have you been working on much music recently?

A. We have a good few extremely talented producers in the Oktopus crew who are working away on tracks every day. This year we plan on getting a record label up and running to showcase the talents of our residents and if what we’ve heard from them is anything to go by it’s going to be a really special.

Q. You are the co.founder of Oktopus, How did the night start?

A. Oktopus began as an idea of Sean Markeys. When at Rather Gather festival last year he saw nktrnl (one of our residents) playing his first live show and immediately asked would he be on board with the idea of Oktopus. From there on, I got involved aswell as a few other very talented DJs and live performers as well as visual artists. We started off throwing a rave in a train tunnel in July which was a really amazing night and very well received. Since then Oktopus has gone from strength to strength and are continuing to grow as a collective.

Q. You take over the Gallery of Hangar on February 24. What can we expect from the Oktopus lads?

A. Oktopus is all about the heavier side of the techno spectrum. Think crunchy distortion, abrasive industrial synths and heart racing tempo’s. We have some of our strongest residents playing that night, a mix of DJs and a live performance. It’s going to be a chaotic night of relentless techno!

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