Local Selection is a series where we get Ireland’s top resident DJ’s to provide a mix exclusively for us. Up next we have Maedbh O’Connor from Limerick, a resident for DIE. She provides us with an hour of techno records to sample the tastes of what to expect at her gigs

You’ve started your own night opening with Sunil Sharpe, how’d the idea come about starting it?

I used to Co. run a night in The Underbelly, called ‘GUTTER’ along with 2 good friends Adam Sixs, and Teige Butler, which unfortunately closed back in April. Since that closed I was mad to start up either GUTTER or something like it again. I was then approached by people who were involved in the opening of the new 3 part venue (‘Habitat’, ‘Social&Co’ and ‘Tuscany’) which is located in The Granary in Limerick City and was asked if I’d be willing to start up something in the Social & Co. Venue. I thought about launching GUTTER again, but decided I’d prefer to go in a strictly techno route this time, as GUTTER was a mix of genres. 909 was the name that was decided on, and we launch the event on the same day that the Roland TR 909 was launched.

Sunil Sharpe was an obvious choice to have launch the open night. He is slowly becoming one of the biggest techno DJs and producers in the world, and we know he’s going to put on something special.

That’s pretty cool, are you still a resident with DIE?

Yeah I’ve been a resident with DIE for the last 5 years, Although DIE has been running 6 years I started out back in 2011.

The likes of DIE and SubTech are showing a serious growth in the Limerick scene, do you think it’s going to continue to grow?

Definitely. Its great to see so many new nights popping up, and to see nights that have had a long residency in Limerick continue to grow. It can only get better. In the last few months and in the months coming up Limerick has played and will play host to some of the worlds best DJs and producers. Dax J, Sunil Sharpe, Jerome Hill, Keith Carnal, are only a few names that have been popping up lately. I always love to see the scene grow, and love the way everyone in limerick is so supportive of everyone’s nights as well. – Were all in this together!

It’s really great for the Irish scene, was their any idea you wanted to place behind this mix?

For this mix I selected a few newly bought tracks, and a few tracks that have been catching my ear for quite a while. There never really was a plan behind this mix. As it was only an hour mix I wanted to portray the kind of techno that I play as best as possible while also having the mix progress.

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