Three of the most exciting & interesting producers of previous years in the house scene, Mandar are made up of Malin Genie, Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. All three artists have had huge success with their solo brands being involved with countless releases & involved with a series of labels. On top of their stellar productions they’re also recognised for their extremely in depth mixing techniques. These three men are swiftly becoming legendary figures.

Gareth Elliot caught up with the three lads to ask 4 short and sweet questions. Check them out below:


Q. You are all individually doing very well in your solo artist names. Where did the whole idea of Mandar come from? Trios are very rare these days in underground music. What made you start it up?

A. We hit it off immediately on a friendship level, rather than a musical one. Of course we knew each other’s productions, but it was when we met up in Paris in Rue Mandar we immediately connected and had a great time fooling around in the studio.

Q. When sitting down to start a production. Who does what & where do you begin? You all have similar styles, but are also easy to distinguish on a solo basis. Would your studio consist of mainly hardware or would you run just off of a DAW and VSTs?

A. We don’t work divided in the studio. We work together. There’s no single routine or formula we launch from or aim at. We just jam, plug, tweak, play, push, using what ever we have, gear, VSTs, mics, whatever. When we hear something we like, we record. But although it’s fun we are also very critical at every stage of the process.

Q. Your label ‘Oscillat’ has had some fantastic releases. But you all have an input towards labels outside of Oscillat. Why did you set Oscillat up?

A. Oscillat Music was set up because we are all very productive and we don’t like to send demos, so we just figured we’d do it ourselves and make a label.

Q. Any big plans for 2017?

A. We just released our debut album ‘Oscillat 10’ in late 2016, so 2017 is going to be all about a follow up, something special and new. And of course playing records all over the world which we just love!

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