We’re now at the tail end of March and we’ve left you without a DJ index up until now, we’re sorry! With that being said, everything we do here is done with your best intentions in mind, so we decided to leave the power rankings until after the busiest weekends in the calendar and then let do the picking and choosing as to who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Without further adieu, here’s your top 25 DJs in the world right now for March.

The criteria that’ll be taken into account every time we sit down to draw up the rankings are;

  • The number and scale of shows played every.
  • Any releases that artist drops between the time the rankings are updated.
  • Any mixes belonging to that artist that’re dropped within the allotted time.
  • Any other reasons that would help/hinder an artist’s reputation.

Honorable Mentions:


The UK producer is most definitely back with a bang after announcing the upcoming release of his upcoming album ‘Wet Will Always Dry’ that will be with us in June, alongside the new track, ‘North’. He had been a bit on the quiet side after having made a dent with his last EP, but is now back in full swing with a Life announcement under his belt too.

RØDHÅD (Previous Position: 25)

After commanding a place in the previous two Power Rankings the Dystopian boss drops out this month after a quiet one by his standards. With that being said, his recent appearance on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space show most definitely touched on a different side than we’re used to from the techno DJ and producer and it warrants his place as a close but not close enough member of the power rankings.

25. DJ Barely Legal (New Entry)

A new name that may not be too familiar with Irish readers, however she has been a staple member in the UK electronic music scene across all genres from grime, drum n’bass to house and techno too. Her Rinse show has allowed her to explore a multitude of sounds through taking them on head first or inviting new guests such as Mall Grab and Four Tet, as well as recent back to backs with Benton and more.

24. Mumdance (New Entry)

Despite making the January edition of the Power Rankings, February proved to be a quiet month for the eclectic DJ and producer. He has an album coming from gifted Italian producer Chevel coming on his Different Circles label which drops at the end of this month. Couple that with the fact that he’s breathed new life into his new MUM M8 filter and he’s doing stuff that no one else really is at the moment.

23. Yaeji (New Entry)

Yaeji finally makes it onto our list after months rising to the top of the electronic music pile with massive tracks and even making it as far as Vogue magazine. Her announcement for Life festival drags her right onto our radar and earns her a deserved spot in the Power Rankings.

22. Truss (New Entry)

It’s hard to think of anyone that has performed in a hat trick of Boiler Rooms and had all three uploaded in the one month, however Truss has managed to do so thanks to his MPIA3 alias and his involvement in Overmono with Tessela. Not only that, but all three sets are outrageously good, garnering him a well deserved nod alongside some of the world’s best.

21. Gerd Janson (New Entry)

Speaking of Boiler Room’s the man behind one of the biggest hits of the summer had his moment on the company’s showcase of Sugar Mountain in Australia and he most definitely didn’t disappoint. Despite not showing the most enthusiasm, his set went down a treat with the epic crowd that was in attendance there. Couple that with his and Shan’s EP of remixes of Special Request’s new material and the past month has been a bit of a home run.

20. Mella Dee (New Entry)

Mella Dee is definitely one of the most rapidly rising names in the industry at the moment and he’s most definitely taking advantage of his increasing profile. His all night long Warehouse music tour is going down well in the UK and he has successfully manage to grow his own profile alongside that of his label’s. His ‘Techno Disco Tool’ EP is heading for another repress and he has told fans not to give in to people re-selling it online for heightened prices. Top marks from us.

19. Hammer (Previous Position: 24)

Long considered an extension of Bicep, Hammer has well and truly carved out his own spot among the caveat of house producers and DJs right now thanks to the success of his ‘Love Somebody’ EP as well as his newest release, ‘C-Space’ on FEEL MY BICEP. Along with those releases he has impressed a huge amount of fans with dominant displays DJing and has definitely defined his own sound now.

18. Kobosil (New Entry)

As a Berghain resident and one of the leading names in a new generation of techno artists it’s a surprise that Kobosil only makes it onto the list now, however he had a quiet start to the year. Having one of his tracks used for the latest Stone Island ad was definitely a plus, but more importantly has a new Parallx EP coming on his label. As regards his own work, he just played huge sets at Soenda, as well as Dekmantel Sao Paulo alongside Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann.

17. Stranger (New Entry)

Stranger’s month may well be dedicated to his not-so-secret alias TAFKAMP which has been very active of late, most recently releasing a face melting set from the Rotterdam Rave along with one under stranger too. A set from Soenda thrown in there for good measure makes him a lock for the power rankings after the success of his two tracks ‘Nostalgica’ and ‘Paranoid Dancer’ (Under ‘Unknown Artist’) which have been two of the biggest techno tracks on the go of late.

16. Hunee (Previous Position: 21)

The eclectic selector is undoubtedly one of the best DJs on the planet right now and his massive tour schedule echoes that sentiment too. An all night set at the Rush Hour store is definitely a highlight, as well as a massive show with Twitch in Belfast among others. His stand out moment of the month however was his most recent appearance on Boiler Room in Seoul which showcased yet again why he’s as respected as he is right now.

15. Larry Heard (New Entry)

One of the bonafide legends of house is a welcome addition to the list after he took an extensive break from producing and playing live. His new album will be with his shortly when he’ll then be taking on a hefty tour schedule that will see him stopping off at AVA festival among others. ‘Mr. Fingers’ is back!

14. Jayda G (New Entry)

The new queen of soul and house is an overdue addition to the power rankings and one that we feel will be here to stay for quite a while. Her set at Dekmantel Sao Paulo garnered the same attention as her Boiler Room at the Amsterdam addition did, not to mention her latest release on DJ Fett Burger’s Freakout Cult imprint has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. She comes to Dublin at the end of the month for what will definitely set her in stone as a legend among the Irish crowd.

Photo Credit: James Reilly

13. FJAAK (Previous Position: Honorable Mention)

The German trio are reeling after the success of their FJAAK 002 release, and solidified that with a huge set at District 8’s Paddy’s Day Block Party in the unique settings of the Tivoli stage. Playing live in Berghain adds to their impressive CV, as well as there constant interaction with fans that included a meeting with Kendrick Lamar and a risqué dig at Dax J on Instagram. You win some, you lose some.

12. Daniel Avery (Previous Position: 11)

His album is right around the corner and his all night long set in District 8 definitely didn’t disappoint. His other all night long set in York Hall has sold out and he has announced a brand new EP which will feature an actress remix of his new ‘Slow Fade’ EP. A seven hour Rex club set does nothing to harm his credentials, however the hyper activity of those to follow sees him dropping down one single place this month.

11. Midland (Previous Position: 17)

This month seen the producer and DJ embark on a couple of interesting exploits. His Between the Beats documentary on Resident Advisor gave a truly unique insight into the man, along with kicking off a brand new bi-monthly residency on NTS that is sure to guarantee nothing but alternate cuts and the finest from one of the best selectors on the planet. He also kicked off a new branch of his label Graded; Intergraded, the second installment of which will land at the end of this month, after the first EP sold out at the beginning of March.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Mould

10. Ben UFO (New Entry)

Hessle Audio is going from strength to strength and owes plenty of its success to its head honcho. His new residency at XOYO gets a massive thumbs up from us and sees him back where he belongs in the power rankings after falling out last month. His upcoming sets there will see him joined by a mixed bunch that includes DJ Stingray, Joy Orbison, Call Super and loads more, but first he has the end of March to finish up a comprehensive tour of Australia and New Zealand.

9. I Hate Models (Previous Position: 6)

The Frenchman’s new track on Rave Or Die is simply a masterpiece. The nine minute, final boss-sounding track is an ode to electro and carries that epic sound we’ve come to expect from the mysterious DJ and producer. That as well as his recent mix for Raw Tales sees him continue to command a healthy position but he loses out a few spots thanks to some heavy hitters ahead of him. His show in Hangar next weekend is undeniably going to be one to remember.

8. Four Tet (Previous Position: 20)

Remixing Bicep and then dropping some ambiguous tracks of your own is never a bad way to win over a whole host of fans and that’s exactly what Four Tet has done in the past few weeks. Hot off the back of a breath taking live show in London, he flexed his production muscles with a massive remix for the Belfast boys and dropped a huge Essential Mix while he was at it too.

7. Honey Dijon (Previous Position: 12)

Speaking of storming up the charts, Honey Dijon’s Sugar Mountain Boiler Room was one of the best and most energetic DJ sets we’ve seen in quite a while and has most definitely put her on a whole host of radars. The storming, no-nonsense house set has those in attendance in sheer awe of the Chicago native and thrusts her even further up the chart as we get even closer to festival season.

6. Dax J (Previous Position: 5)

We’re a matter of weeks away from Dax’s debut album and we couldn’t be any more excited for it to drop. He’s surefire to be in almost every Power Ranking we do given how active he is as a DJ, his schedule sees him take on 16 sets between now and mid April all over the world. Couple that with the fact that he just released Thomas P. Heckmann’s new album via Monnom Black and has his own to come and his schedule is all the more formidable than it already was.

5. Or:la (Previous Position: 8)

Or:la’s original Boiler Room set was what really put her on the map and now we have another set to add to the pile as she was featured as part of their Ballantine’s True Music showcase in Moscow. As always with the Derry DJ she takes the set down a plethora of routes, from electro to breakbeat with bits of house and ambiance thrown in along the way. Throughout the past few weeks she has partaken in a full Australian tour as well as having a remix of Second Storey released on Houndstooth and is really becoming a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music world at large.

Photo Credit: Robert Emmett

4. Alan Fitzpatrick (New Entry)

Alan Fitzpatrick day was without a doubt one of the biggest festivals of the year and the perfect serving for hungry Irish fans of the Drumcode and We Are The Brave artist. His interview with us shone a new light on what his intentions are within music and won over a lot of fans that may not have been avid followers of him up until now. Read it here.

3. Denis Sulta (Previous Position: 1)

The Scot is finally dethroned after two months at the top of our coveted Power Rankings. A quiet month by his infamous standards may not necessarily be a bad thing, however the release of Sulta Selects three last week may well see him jumping back to the top in no time. You can never really predict what he has got up his sleeve, so this placing could seem totally out of order come next week. We’ll have to wait and see…

2. Mall Grab (Previous Position: 7)

Like we predicted, Mall Grab is back with a bang. His show in Limerick alongside KETTAMA and Hammer most definitely didn’t disappoint and came in perfect timing with the release of his brand new track with fellow Aussie Loods. His tour dates alongside Loods definitely helped with the new tracks’ success and has seen him back at his rightful spot at the top of house music, punctuated by his first RA mix. His new Rinse FM residency is just kicking off and will no doubt only serve to amplify his reach as he’ll finally have a solid space to showcase his ever evolving sound.

1. Peggy Gou (Previous Position: 4)

Without question over the past month, Peggy Gou is the queen of electronic music. Her ‘Once’ EP on Ninja Tune sold out in an instant, and her District 8 show and set at Dekmantel Sao Paulo seemed as if there was a legitimate pop star playing. A sponsorship deal with Nike puts her overall platform into perspective and she has just hinted at another release to follow up her latest one. Her lecture as part of Boiler Room in Seoul was another unique addition to her catalog as well as becoming the first Korean to feature on BBC Radio 1’s legendary Essential Mix series.

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