There has been a lot of talk about the closing of District 8/Tivoli Theatre the past while, with different stories floating around. It was quite apparent that it was a dead cert that it would close in 2018 until a story in The Irish Times reported that the demolition plans of the venue to be replaced with a 298 bedroom hotel has been refused by Dublin City Council.

The reasons for the plans being rejected were due to height guidelines for the area. With the aparthotel having an “overbearing and overlooking impact on the adjacent properties, many of which are protected structure…” And would “depreciate the value and seriously injure the amenities of property in the vicinity”.

People Before Profit councillor Tina MacVeigh had to say the following: “…the Tivoli was one of the few remaining urban theatres that have a long and illustrious history”. Whilst, An Taisce said: “the closure of the theatre would constitute a regrettable loss for the social and cultural life of the area and the wider city”.

This poses the question, has the government started to look at our nightlife and culture a little differently? Only time will tell, but this looks like positive news. As for exact plans for D8, we’ll keep you updated.

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