For the first time in the UK, MDMA is being used to treat alcoholics. The study is taking place in Bristol and aims to focus on the use of psychedelics within psychotherapy.

Patients will at first be detoxed and then take part on an 8 week test using small doses of the drug that is most commonly associated with ecstasy.

Despite psychedelics being used as part of studies to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in US, this is the first time that the drug will be used to treat addiction.

The patients in question will be detoxed for 10 days and instead of undergoing the usual therapy for people who would experience withdrawal from alcohol they’ll undergo treatment using MDMA and will then be monitored closely. After that, they will undergo follow ups after 3,6 and 9 months to see if they’ve stayed dry.

You can read the full story including quotes from the doctors involved via the Bristol Cable here.

Check out our interview with the minister for drugs on the possible decriminalisation of drugs in Ireland here.

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