Things are starting to heat up between Miami residents and their 24 hour nightclubs. According to the Miami Herald, the residents will go up against three nightclubs regarding noise violations.

The three clubs in question, Club Space, Heart Nightclub and E11even, are placed in the same area, Biscayne Boulevard. The locals here are hoping to put an end to their 24-hour license which allows them to hold all night parties on the rooftops and terraces.

A resident from the Marquis building which is located a few blocks away from the clubs, Allan Schwartz, said “We expected city noise when we bought or rented apartments in the entertainment district, but we did not expect the law to be broken 52 weekends a year… [Heart Nightclub] continues unabated to stick its finger in the eye of residents when all of this is cured by turning a knob.”

Noise complaints were quite a useless thing up until recent as code compliance officers weren’t on duty on the weekends, but now there’s a midnight shift to deal with the complaints.

E11even has stopped their rooftop parties because of the complaints but this hasn’t stopped the residents. Their lawyer, Louis J. Terminello, said the fines were not correctly issued: “It was not noise that penetrated into a dwelling. It has to disturb a resident’s dwelling or hotel room and the officers were not up inside the residences so we believe these tickets were issued in error.”

The president of the Miami Entertainment District Association, Michael Slyder, is trying to work with the locals to solve the complaints. He’s also made it very clear that the city actually invited the clubs to invest in the town back in 2000 when the area wasn’t as much people living there.

The clubs were given $500 fines and told their licenses can be suspended if more than two violations are filed.

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