Just over a week ago, a leaflet was delivered through the doors of houses in Santry, Dublin by Fine Gael TD Noel Rock which claimed that the sold out Area 10 show with MK will not be taking place in Morton Stadium on July 1. This sparked outrage in the Facebook group Tune Drop not to mention the chaos in the Facebook event.

All these questions were answered when the promoters of the show released a statement and confirmed that it would not take place in Morton Stadium but in a different location. Well it turns out Marc Kinchen has spilled the beans on this location via his official Twitter. Check it out below.

From what it seems, the event will now take place in the Red Cow parking lot which is located just off the Luas line in Dublin 22. Club-goers can also take note that it is beside local nightclub Diva. Of course, until the promoters of the show can confirm this, we don’t know if it is definite, but going off what Kinchen has stated, it’s looking promising.

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