After producing one of the most sought after tunes of 2016, Under Black Helmet now takes a break from his home, Code Is Law, to join Bas Mooy’s world renowned MORD records. The six track EP comes after his last EP on Morbeck’s Code Is Law entitled ‘Where The Wild’. UBH has been climbing up the ranks lately, which can often be hard to do in the techno scene, gaining sets at the likes of Reaktor’s Unpolished and also recently in Dublin’s Hangar with Techno & Cans x Research.

‘Jagged’ kicks off this EP with some sharp, cutting synth work which leaves us understanding the name. A2 ‘I Was Laid-Back a Sinner Of Sorts’ see’s UBH take a heavier kick drum with some bouncing synths. Kicking off the B-side, ‘To wander on the Moon’ takes on a faster bpm with some bleeping sequenced synths. ‘Unmasked’ has a deeper vibe to it, slowing down the heart rate with some subtle hi hat patterns. The digital tracks ‘Impulsive Behavior’ & ‘Who did this’ contrast each other with C1 taking a more industrial approach to C2 which is more deep.

Stream the previews of MORD043 the release below.



A1 Jagged
A2 I Was Laid-Back a Sinner Of Sorts
B1 To wander on the Moon
B2 Unmask
D1 Impulsive Behavior [digital only]
D2 Who did this [digital only]

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