The Prince Of Denmark project has come to an end today via SoundCloud. Two mixes were posted by an anonymous producer, and consist of a single track looped eight times, which you can check out yourself below. What caught our attention the most is the message on one of the tracks titled, “Prince Of Denmark is dead”.

It says: “The story that I was trying to tell here has been told. It’s very last paragraph is about the letting go of something. Beyond that, personally it is both a caring embrace as it is a testament to a ten-year-long chapter at Giegling, that, with all I’m doing, had been coming to an end for me. Times which I feel thankful for, though by waking up from a deep dream, what I can tell now, that over time I must have lost touch with it somehow and finally decided to move on into something unknown. Thank you deeply for what seemed like a wonderful journey to me, we’ll meet again.”

Not much is known right now or what is going to happen to this alter-ego of Traumprinz aka DJ Metatron. One thing we do know, is that his music will be around forever.

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