Netflix, one of the world’s top streaming services,  have announced a new tier for their streaming service with the upgrade of their currently available ‘premium’ service to ‘ultra’ – essentially just a new payment option.

New prices for the next tier of the streaming service are said to be between €16.99 and €19.99, currently about €3 above the current premium payment option.

With some users reporting that when the streaming service is upgraded (we knew there would be a catch), it reduces the amount of streams for premium users to just 2 screens – with Netflix claiming that they’re testing out different price and service plan options to observe “how consumers value” the streaming service.

The upgrade would enable four devices to use the service at once with Ultra HD video and audio streaming – but not all users will have access to the ‘test’ as of yet, and they have several developments in store such as a partnership with Telltale Games to add more interactive aspects to the streaming service and incorporate a gaming service.

These ‘tests’ aren’t set in stone yet, but it’s assumed that if successful, that most major streaming services including Spotify and more, might just follow their lead – causing a debate about increased rates for consumers, but still, not adequate and fair payment for artists music featured and streamed on Spotify.



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