Legislation surrounding the re-sale of tickets for more than face value has been discussed and agreed upon by the Cabinet. The rule will apply to designated venues which can hold 1000 and more people, preventing bots from buying large amounts of tickets from events organisers and tackling the sale of tickets for extortionate prices on secondary sites for the sold out events. 

The legislation will be applied by venue rather than specific events in an effort to tackle bots – last year we saw this in the extremes in Ireland, with LCD Soundsystem, Stormzy, Electric Picnic and pretty much any Ticketmaster show that had hype around it selling out instantly on the primary site of sales, but then being available immediately after for crazy prices on secondary sites like Seatwave and more.

“While most venues will be expected to apply for designation under the legislation, the Minister for Business on the day will also have the power to apply such a status to a venue where this “would be in the interest of consumers”” – The Irish  Times

We’re gaining confidence that this bill will hopefully give more protection to promoters, bookers, acts and genuine consumers and put an end to ticket touting, bots and more. After a bad few years of ticket touting moving to a seriously industrial scale and selling tickets for ridiculously more expensive than the face value, this bill will hopefully take back the tickets for the people and genuine fans, ensuring that shows can be fair for everyone.



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