This week’s entry to the Local Selection welcomes Ventolin to the series. The Irish DJ and producer is now based in Haarlem in the Netherlands, where he has provided us with a sensational recording that encapsulates his compelling mixing style. This recording, in particular, includes several unreleased Ventolin cuts throughout too, for good measure.

Ventolin acts as our latest entry to the Local Selection Mix Series, acting as the latest entry he has gifted us with a fantastic recording that is carefully crafted, showcasing a range of techno selections that draw from his own signature taste. This inspiration is partially drawn from his father too, as the recording focuses on grooving techno elements alongside broken jungle elements which makes for a fresher, more unique listen overall.

This shift in taste comes from spending some time travelling across Europe which lead Ventolin to uncover various styles and sounds rooted in dance music. Not to mention a number of appearances on Ghent’s Radio Ruit and Brussels’ Kiosk Radio in the process. All while releasing a range of material from as far back as 2020. Ventolin has released a wealth of self-released tracks during this time as well as numerous other musical projects with Planetaria Barcelona, Seven Twelve, Reboot Records, SPEED, Filth Inc and more.

This mix does a brilliant job at encapsulating Ventolin’s current taste musically, as he includes a range of tracks from artists and labels he’s digging at the moment as well as some older cuts a bit closer to him that he feels like he can drop at any given time. Expect to hear tracks from Lars Huismann, Decadence, Almir Ljusa, and Chontane as well as some unreleased from Ventolin himself. Dig in.

You can keep up to date with all things Ventolin here.

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