We premiere some high-powered trance drenched techno from enigmatic London producer Pro-Tex. ‘Colombia’ is a euphoric journey within blistering club music that leans heavily on 90’s trance inspiration through ethereal strings & melodies.

We welcome the mysterious London-based trance and techno wizard PRO-TEX to our premiere series. With a captivating sound that fuses ethereal melodies and pulsating beats, this producer remains a mystery. Embracing the unknown, their music creates an intimate connection that transcends conventions.

Still remaining a fresh name within the club scene, Pro-Tex has been making a name for themselves through a slew of self-released edits and originals that defy genre limitations and can be categorised as delicate pieces of self-expression through an electronic lens.

We premiere ‘COLOMBIA’ a mesmerising blend of trance and techno with enchanting synths and ethereal vocals. This celestial track transports you on a captivating journey, where pulsating drum grooves lay the foundation for cosmic melodies and heavenly voices. Surrender to the transcendental allure of “COLOMBIA” and let the music take you to celestial heights.

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