The HSE has reported that 97 drug samples were surrendered at Life Festival as part of the HSE’s Safer Nightlife Programme. The testing initiative aims to reduce drug-related harm at festivals.

Life Festival acted as the second festival following the pilot at Electric Picnic last year to offer drug testing at music festivals in Ireland. The HSE has reported that the finding included, 42 of MDMA, 21 of ketamine, 17 of cocaine, and 9 were benzocaine. Notably one sample was found to be ‘3-CMC’, sold as cocaine, and one was a product sold as ‘tuci’, which will be subject to further analysis.

“We wanted to ensure that the tent was an environment where people felt safe and respected. While it is hard to quantify this work, we can say we were extremely busy for the duration of the event and received a positive reaction from attendees.” – Nicki Killeen [HSE]

“The preliminary analytical results provide us with further insights into changing drug landscape in Ireland. We issued three alerts in relation to high-strength ketamine, MDMA, and cocaine in circulation.”

“The MDMA we tested ranged from 50mg to 246mg in products showing the diversity of MDMA available on the Irish market. This confirms that the public can’t be sure of the purity and how they will react.”

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