Beginning July 2024, California bars and venues will be required to stock testing kits to detect date rape drugs such as ketamine or GHB. The kits typically include a strip, sticker, or straw that detects if drinks have been spiked.

The new spiking rule will come into effect in a few months, with the goal of keeping California’s venues safe and protecting clubgoers as spiking concerns and incidents continue to rise across America. Starting in July, venue owners must make testing available, and it is up to them whether to charge guests.

“It’s super important, especially as a woman being out at night and drinking alcohol. You don’t want to be at the wrong place, with the wrong people,” said Rosemary Barrionuveo from Dublin.

The number of spiking occurrences in Dubin has climbed from 12 in 2020 to 106 in 2022. The Department of Justice is said to be concerned about spiking being prosecuted as a separate offence. However, government sources claim that the matter can be worked out in committee.

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