Berlin has officially started a legal drug testing program that allows people to have drugs tested discreetly and anonymously for free. Customers can use the service to have their substances checked for contaminants and strengths across three different locations in Berlin.

The new drug testing scheme in the German capital is run by The State Institute for Forensic and Social Medicine. Some of the drugs that can be tested for composition and purity include cannabis, ecstasy, speed, cocaine, and LSD. People will receive their results roughly three days after submitting them.

The scheme entitled The Drug Checking Project has been in the works for years and now has finally begun, as reported by the Senate Department of Health on Tuesday the 6th of June. The analysis of drugs and the detection of impurities will be conducted by the State Institute for Forensic and Social Medicine (GerMed).

“In our opinion, drug checking is successful if we can avoid damage to health and if we, as drug help, reach users who would otherwise not be reached by drug help or who would be reached much too late,” – Tibor Harrach to RBB.

Three locations available to submit drugs for testing are listed below.
– Fixpunkt located at Lahnstraße 84
– Vista located at Muskauer Straße 24
– Schwulen Beratung Berlin located at Niebuhrstraße 59/6

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