Herb Deutsch, one of the pioneering names within the history of analogue synthesisers has died. The American synth guru co-created the seminal Moog synthesiser alongside Robert Moog.

Herb Deutsch was a lecturer, composer, inventor, and professor emeritus of electronic music and composition at Hofstra University. Deutsch will largely be known for his work with Robert Moog in creating the original Moog Synthesiser.

Moog synth’s have been instrumental in some of modern day pop-cultures biggest hits with acts such as Kraftwerk, New Order, Gary Numan, Donna Summer, Portishead and more.

The Bog Moog Foundation wrote “There is nobody more important to the Moog legacy than Herb. His deep creativity, curiosity, intelligence, and pursuit of musical frontiers prompted Bob Moog to design the first Moog synthesiser with Herb’s invaluable guidance and collaboration. As the prototype evolved into larger modular systems, Herb and Bob worked together to promote this revolutionary instrument, with Herb composing and performing on them and teaching about them at seminars and in his classroom.”

The New York born Deutsch studied at the Manhattan School of Music. His collaboration with Moog began when, in 1962, he built a theremin based on the inventor’s concept, and, a year later, he met the inventor at a meeting for music educators. Together, Deutsch and Moog began developing the prototype for what would eventually become the Moog synth, with Deutsch being credited for the Moog’s keyboard interface.

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