DSNT celebrates its 5th birthday this year with an incredible line up consisting of Bas Mooy, Ansome b2b DeFeKT, Myler and many more. We caught up with founder of DSNT, Oisin O’Brien, to have a quick chat about how it all started and where he’s going to take it next.

 Q: How did DSNT first start and how far has it come since?

A: It started from a desire to hear banging music over big sound systems with sweet lights and visuals. We now get to curate all this, but with bigger sound systems, more lights and more visuals. Fuck yeah!

In all seriousness though, we have seen an amazing community of artists and contributors get involved and take ownership of a scene. It has been great to watch the scene grow and to see so many cool, creative people come through and make a career out of doing what they love.

Q: Did you ever imagine when you first started the label off that it would come this far?

A: We have only done 4 releases but I’m optimistic by the end of 2017- it will at least be 5. I’m really grateful to all of the artists that trusted us with their music and for giving us the opportunity to make sick music videos & visuals for their tracks.
We have a few music videos that we made over at Guerrilla Shout, set to come out this year for DSNT005. We’re super excited about them, mostly because they are pretty funny.

Q: The last release on DSNT was in 2014 with Mr.Jones, have you any new releases planned?

A: Yes! The next record features AnD, Eomac, Fran Hartnett & Sunil Sharpe. We were keen to champion a heap of our favourite Irish artists on one record.

Q: How did you come about getting Ansome to do his first ever visual show, was that his idea or yours?

A: I’ve known his agent Mike for years and I’ve worked closely with a range of the artists on Pakt. We have been massive fans of Ansome’s music as we rinse it all the time in the studio- so we sent our show-reel over and next thing you know we’re doing a visual show.

Q: Your DSNT podcast is extremely well credited across the techno scene, for these do you usually contact the artist or do they contact you?

A: It’s a mix of both to be honest, we have a hit list of artists we would love to release podcasts with and then from time to time we have artists who we love approach us which is amazing too.

Q: What has been your favourite DSNT gig to date?

A: We have had some absolute bangers, LUMEN004 with Paula Temple, JoeFarr & Paragon was pretty special. The crowd really went for it and there was an amazing atmosphere from really early on with Paragon debuting their live set at it.
Sunil Sharpe & AnD back to back at a late night after party was pretty intense! We had another one with JoeFarr, Truss & Tessela that had a sick after party as well with JoeFarr playing an absolute whopper set in an old mill. To be honest, all of them are pretty special it’s hard to choose, but those ones definitely stick out.

Q: The Belfast crowd is renowned for being highly boisterous and up for it, do you feel it’s the right home for DSNT?

A: Yeah, its really great seeing people go mad and dance like fuck. The appreciation and atmosphere our parties bring is second to none. JoeFarr also said it was his most enjoyable gig of 2016 which is sweet.

I think the artist’s connect with the people’s energy and bang it out even more! The artist’s we bring generally know the score. (I also usually e-mail them before they get to Belfast to reiterate that our crowd likes it BANGING).

Q: After a strong 2016, how is 2017 looking for you?

A: We have a bunch of sick shows planned, a few festivals, some records and loads of craic.

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