Police in the UK have issued an urgent warning following the death of one man and a further four in critical condition.

In total 11 people have been rushed to hospital from the Oldham area after taking the drug on Saturday evening.

The drug is thought to have come in crystal form and may be known locally as ‘magic’ or ‘pink’ champagne. It has also been described as resembling brown sugar.

Sky News reported, “Greater Manchester Police have urged anyone who may have taken it to seek medical attention immediately.”

Symptoms include; rigid muscles, shallow breathing and a racing pulse. They may progress to aggression or mania, seizure, foaming at the mouth and unconsciousness.

Chief Superintendent Neil Evans said: “We have a full team working on the police investigation and we are appealing for anyone with any information about where this drug is coming from to get in touch as soon as possible.”

“An urgent line of inquiry is to understand exactly what the substance taken is and steps are being taken in that regard.”

“I would like to reiterate the dangers of taking this or any recreational drug. We have sadly had one person tragically die as a result of taking MDMA this weekend and others are fighting for their lives.”

“We will be supporting their devastated families. I hope we don’t have to support even more families. Cases like this are ones that we always hope we don’t have to deal with.”


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