It’s lazy. It’s uninteresting. It’s unnecessary, ok?

In the last 12 months alone a string of Moby tracks have undergone the remix treatment. The victims in question? ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ and ‘Porcelain’. All sounds great right? The utopian combination of a classic, nostalgia laden audio-collage reimagined and remoulded in ways beyond the capabilities of the original recording. Sounds like the absolute epitome of artistic creation right? Wrong. Every time we hear any release from this string of remixes we can’t help but cringe and cover our ears… Before getting sick a little bit.

(Sorry Locodice and Dense & Pika)

Over the past decade Moby has released some of the greatest creative masterpieces this planet earth has been lucky enough to listen so it doesn’t sit well with us to remix them unimaginatively and excessively. Before we carry on with this, we apologise to all the fans of these remixes but do yourself a favour and open your ears to the originals first and embrace them before you even consider listening to these mixes that amount to little more than Coachella-Grade EDM. Alas, we continue;

Firstly, might we ask who is even giving away the rights to these tracks? Moby?! Whoever it is needs to stop, immediately. In fact, they should have stopped six months ago. Unless of course it’s Moby. The music is yours. Do with it what you please.

Secondly, why in your right mind would you want to so blandly remix a track like Porcelain? Listen to Play. Or, try to at least. If you don’t take it from us: It literally epitomises everything there is to say about pushing boundaries and creating music you like, even if that means it isn’t easily classifiable. So, you know, like not lazy and repetitive?

We can’t stress this enough: We have nothing against remixing – especially artists like Moby! What we do have issue with however is releasing repetitive, mindless edits of albums that were written to be the complete and utter opposite of exactly that: Generic and soulless. If you’re just going to put a crap kick drum over any track that didn’t ask for it, don’t bother.

In summary less Moby remixes; more Uzi Gang.

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