We’re well and truly at the start of summer, and the festivals season is due to kick off on a weekly basis. But…

There seems to be one thing at every festival there days, and that’s an alcohol or drug-fuelled lunatic climbing a rig, tent or other structure just to be the stand-out individual. To make it worse, it usually comes with thousands of punters cheering them on, but how long can this go on for before a funny situation turns into a tragedy? Without sounding like your overprotective parent, people need to realise that one wrong move at 100ft isn’t going to end well.

I’m sure most of you saw the video of the acrobat taken after Aphex Twin played his set at Field Day, London last year.

We can’t even begin to think of the predicaments these people cause when it comes to the security and medical staff. They’re left helplessly staring up at some ‘entertainer’ getting his fill of adrenaline while putting themselves and other people in danger.

I’d also wonder is it really worth getting thrown out of the festival for that moment of madness? We’d imagine the implications of interrupting a major festival for an amount of time like that would definitely involve removal from the festival and perhaps a ban from it in the future. You’ve paid anything from €70-€250 for a ticket. Is it worth the moment of fame?

We understand that when you’re at a festival it’s easy to look at something like this and think it’s hilarious. We usually tend to find anything that’s anyway rebellious at a festival entertaining, but we need to start looking at this in a more serious manor. A twenty-two year old man / woman should not being dangling from a piece of metal, upside-down at the same height as a ten story building after drinking eight cans of Tesco larger.

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