We’re happy to present ‘Horowitz’ taken from Fabrizio Rat’s debut album.

Following the release of his EPs ‘La Machina’ [Optimo] and ‘Technopiano’ [Involve], Turin-born, Paris-based classically trained electronic producer Fabrizio Rat will release his first album of “hybrid, atmospheric techno”. It’s set to arrive on June 30 on Blackstrobe Records.

“‘The Pianist’ exhibits a strange collision of worlds through the use of Fabrizio’s prepared piano, TB-303 and the TR-909.

“Throughout his apprentice years at the classical musical academy in Turin, Fabrizio worked as a producer in dance music studios at the same time, hiding his ‘double life’ to both the professors and the DJs. These two lives finally meet on The Pianist, enabling Fabrizio’s imagination and ability as a musician and producer to run wild.”

The new record is set to be a showcase of how Fabrizo brings two worlds of music together seamlessly. The prepared piano works in a more percussive direction, transforming the pitch, intensity and resonance of each note. This is only accentuated against the backdrop of the 303 and 909, both of which are seriously put to work.” “Tracks like ‘Aimard’ and ‘Pollini’ act as rhythmic cuts of surging techno, however it’s the overlaid prepared piano that give the tracks their truly indescribable and chilling quality. The momentum and fierceness of each dance cut could be likened to the productions of Randomer and DVS1. ‘Gould’ and ‘Rubinstein’ fall more in line with the work of other contemporary classical and experimental artists such as Francesco Tristano and Nils Frahm. However, the haunting and often chaotic elements of the album can be identified as some of Fabrizio’s own signature motifs.”

Check out the tracklist below:

A1 – Lupu

A2 – Michelangeli

A3 – Horowitz

A4 – Gould

B1 – Aimard

B2 – Pollini

B3 – Argerich

B4 – Rubinstein

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