We’re delighted to be premiering one of the tracks from brand new label Goldbrick Record‘s first ever release, Hekkla’s Nachtbraker EP. Founded in Dublin and based in Berlin, Goldbrick Records is the product of a junior salesman and a graphic designer who worked together and set up the label in company time. The label is named after the honourable practice of Goldbricking, something all of us working in offices are silently adept at. The record is to be distributed by the Lobster Theremin and will be in all good record stores on Friday the 22nd of September.

Hailing from Eindhoven, Hekkla has turned heads since his debut record late last year. Released on Afrobot’s AM label, the Sunset Strip EP has been given the thumbs up from everyone from Skatebård to Benji B. Nachtbraker elaborates on the lo fi musings of his first outing, combining the spacey spectral textures with a more club focused bent. Mastered by fellow Dutchman Alden Tyrrell, the record sits somewhere between late 80’s chicago house mixed with your favourite LIES records.

You can listen to Rooftop Access from Hekkla’s Nachtbreaker EP below.


Link to the pre order: https://goldbrickrecords.bandcamp.com/


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