Introducing our new series Pub Talk; a series where we’ll be bringing local heroes and guests from further afield down to our local for a chat. A chat that will very definitely go off on a tangent, it is Pub Talk after all.

Up first we’re delighted to welcome one of the most stand-out duos emerging from Dublin this year, Long Island Sound. With a sample based house sound that very few in the city can make work both on the Djing & production fronts. The pair already have appearances at Life Festival, Longitude, Barndance & Metropolis under their belts and 2017 is looking equally bright.


Photo credis: Omar O’Reilly Photography

Q: How’s things lads! How has 2016 been for you? Any standout moments?

A: We’re fantastic, thanks for asking and having us in today!

Hmm… 2016 has been the best year for us by a country mile. We’ve played a selection of festivals including Metropolis, Barndance & Longitude. Not to mention our release on Jamie Trench’s label. It’s just been too good all round.

Q: Tell me abit about how the ‘Long Island Sound’ idea came about.

A: It was back in 2014 when we were playing & making some tunes on our own. And we always said we were going to start something, but not have really any intentions of making an alias out of it. It was also the summer in which all of our friends were away at BOOM Festival for 2 weeks. So we were kind of bored shitless *laughs* and thought we should probably do something productive. What inspired us as well at the time was names like Max Graef, Glenn Astro, Daniel Lesemen & Fouk, all of these still influence our productions to this day.

Q: You’ve a strong friendship with Jamie Trench and just released a single ‘Grit’ on his label ‘RFB Colours’. How did this friendship with Jamie come about?


Grab your copies here

A: It was actually quite a simple friendship that built really quickly. We just started sending him tracks like 2 years ago over Facebook and he started to give some really good feedback on them. Originally he was bouncing around a few ideas as we had sent him two tracks that he had wanted featuring two of of ours & two of his on the one EP. But then we sent him ‘Grit’ and then he wanted that instead! We went through loads of phases with him around what he wanted to do, but then he came up with the idea to do a V/A compilation including a selection of artists including us, Sombro, Embezzlement Society as well as Georgi Barrel & Jamie himself. From the release & meeting Jamie at Life Festival it’s turned into a  really good friendship and we’re so happy to be involved with the label.

Q: Your productions have that jazzy, mellow sound. It’s hard for any producer to take that sound and make it work. Give me a brief rundown of your production process & what your rolls are separately.

A: Rob: We don’t really have any specific rolls on a single basis. But when it comes to the music theory side of things Timmy would take the music theory side of things & I would take the percussion/drums side of things which is funny because Timmy is a drummer *laughs*.


Timmy: Usually we would start straight up with a sample and then chop it up. For me anyways, I need a sample to get something going. Rob would definitely be better at the in-depth stuff like EQing, compression & mastering etc. Then sometimes we get to the end of the track and the original sample isn’t even used. 


We just find it very hard to get something going with just drums. There wouldn’t really be a template of how it would all work though, one time we could go with a sample then the next time with a melody from our bass station. Maybe when we get approached for a remix that would be interesting for us as from there we would have to follow some form of template with the stems of the original.

Q: What is it about DJing compared to producing that keeps it interesting for yous? And if you had to choose to do one for the rest of your lives what would it be & why?
A: Tim: Getting drunk…*laughs*
We would probably choose the DJing. It’s so enjoyable let alone to play music you really like to people but to also play your own music & get a good reaction. With DJing as well there’s always a new venue to play, new music to try out & new faces to meet. It’s always exciting as the last gig. As for production, It’s really easy to get yourself stuck in a rut and get annoyed. Say you’re doing it all day every day and you come to the end of the week and you’ve nothing to show, you almost start to doubt yourself if you’re any good. We put quite a sick amount of hours into it each week so we’re kind of bound to have something click at the end of it. We feel it’s all about quality control though with producing. Some people wish to become huge in the space of a year when really you can’t rush it. Take your time, cause it’s better to have two really strong EPs over the course of 2 years than 5 bang average EPs that gain no traction at all. It’s a vicious cycle really.
Q: Any big plans/goals for the year of 2017?

A: We’re moving away to Berlin… So that’s gonna be very exciting. Gig-wise it’s gonna go very quiet we would imagine but, we’re just gonna fully focus on production over there if that happens. Which isn’t a bad thing as we will have no restrictions at all and it’ll give us a lot of time to build a proper studio and to spend time within it. Also on top of moving away next summer we would like to get a couple of other tracks finished and signed off before the new year just so we’re going into 2017 on a high note. Keeping the releases consistent but with the main value of keeping the music to a really high standard. 



If you could be stuck in one year of music what would it be & why?

Rob: 2016 – Because I’ve found that within our own music we’ve found our sound.

Tim: 2014 – Because that’s when I was inspired to make all of this kind of music.

Cajun or hot sauce?

Rob: Hot Sauce

Tim: Hot Sauce

What’s your favorite effect on a DJM?

Rob: Filter

Tim: Echo (½)

What are your guilty pleasures?

Rob: Filter *laughs*

Tim: Echo *laughs*

San Andreas or Vice City?

Rob: San Andreas

Tim: Vice City

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Rob: Fly

Tim: Teleportation

What is your favorite smell?

Rob: Beer

Tim: Big block of hash *Winks*

What’s your favorite BPM?

Rob: 118

Tim: 121

Do you put your tomato ketchup in the fridge or the press?

Rob: Press

Tim: I don’t eat tomato ketchup…

Boyzone or Westlife?

Rob: Has to be Boyzone

Tim: Boyzone for life

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